тыкать сюда

The album was released on independently in 1997 and the band self-marketed the album to magazines. Afterwards the band signed a record deal with Pleitegeier Records.

Musically, the album's style is gothic metal. The output is characterized by distorted power chord guitars, symphonic keyboards, and steril computer drums. Other characteristical elements are Runhardt Scheffler's rough and half growled vocals, a relic from the band's death metal roots. Some vocals are sung by the female singer-guitarist Sandra. Her mid-range, melancholic voice is a very dominant element on songs such as "Morgenlied in Böser Zeit." The songstructures on the album are somewhat simple, basing more emphasis on dark, introspective, and decadentic atmosphere rather than rich soundscapes or technical playing. Some of the songs such as "Mysterious Night" and "Eternal Glory" contain more traditional guitar playing reminiscent of the early deathrock and gothic rock bands, and cleaner vocals. The production on the album is dry and thin, and the drums and keyboards are more up-front in the mix.

The word "white" in the album title refers to the Christian lyrical themes that collide with gothic dark romantic thematics. The lyrics contain Bible citations on End times on songs such as the outro "Voice in the Wilderness." Two of the album's songs are sung in German.